About Us

The Club was founded in 2006 by Diane Richmond who is still our Secretary, and the heart and soul of the Club.

Originally a small group of like minded individuals with an interest in the new sport of TREC who came together to train and have fun at a Pony Club style camp at Cartmel Racecourse.

Over the years the Club has grown as the sport of TREC has developed and become more widespread through the country, with some members travelling ever more far and wide to compete. However the heart and principle of the Club has not changed with the original annual Cartmel camp still taking place. Having fun  and supporting each other no matter what level we are riding at also remain a key guiding principle.

2013 saw the Club winning the overall best Riding Club Team at the Annual GB Championships . This year was also notable for the host of TREC Oscars awarded to the Club for two of the full TREC events organised in 2013. TREC Oscars are voted for across the UK by all involved in the sport so this was quite an achievement.

In 2014 the British Horse Society made a decision to remove TREC from under the BHS umbrella.

The ever enterprising TREC community from across the country took the brave step to set up a new Governing body for the sport and in October 2014 TREC GB was born.

While TREC GB was in transition phase taking over the reins from the BHS the decision was made that Bowland TREC Group would also remain a British Riding Club for 2015.

TREC GB has proved itself and ran a very successful first annual GB Championships at Temple near Edinburgh in 2015. This was attended by 14 competing riders from the Club with considerable success across the classes. The Bowland Babes team once again were a credit to the Club coming 4th in the team competition against stiff competition.

The decision was made by holding an Extraordinary General meeting with members towards the end of 2015 that the Club would not renew the British Riding Club affiliation and would solely be registered with TREC GB – that being the ultimate focus of the Club.

More information about the sport of TREC can be found on the TREC GB webpage (www.trecgb.com).

 Committee Members:

  • Hannah Garnett (Chair)
  • Diane Richmond (Secretary / Treasurer)
  • Helen Wain (Training Officer)
  • Suzanne Davis (co-opted member/ Web)
  • Ailsa Gibson (co-opted member)
  • Elaine Dawson (co-opted member/Minutes secretary)

Results from all TREC GB affiliated events run by Bowland TREC Group can be found on the TREC GB website here